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Skin Dimensions Artists

  • Kelly Mcrae

    Owner & Artist

    Kelly has been tattooing 17 years now and  has also worked as an artist in other industries since  the age of 17. He started his tattoo career at Skin Dimensions in 1996 as an apprentice and is now  co-owner with long time friend and photographer  Dennis Poncik. Kelly is a very colorful character  and it reflects in all aspects of his life and work.

    email Kelly: kelly@skindimensions.com


  • Claire Mondor

    Artist 4 Body Modification Technician

    In June 2006 Claire became our newest tattoo artist, after serving her apprenticeship with Kelly Mcrae. Claire enjoys tattooing a wide variety of custom artwork. Besides giving our shop the feminine touch, it also translates into her art and tattoos. She is also known for her virtually painless tattoos. Claire also has taken the Health Educators course on blood-borne pathogens and infection control twice. Besides being one of the few female tattoo artists in Winnipeg, Claire is also a licensed body modification technician with the City of Winnipeg. If you have any questions about our policies or procedures, Claire can guide you through the tattoo experience.

    Email: Claire@skindimensions.com



  • Andy Richens

    Andy Richens


    Andy is our newest addition to the Skin Dimensions family! His roots are in Toronto where he worked as a freelance graphic and web artist, which can be recognized in the work he does.

    He completed his apprenticeship in 2003 and now, as a 10 year veteran, Andy has made Winnipeg his home since 2009. Andy’s art and work has been seen across Eastern Canada and the Caribbean, as well as in media and publications such as Much Music, Urban lnk magazine and CayRock Radio a popular music station in the Cayman lslands. Andy has also completed the Health Educators course on blood born pathogens and infection control and is a licensed body modification technician with Manitoba health.
    he looks forward to bringing his unique art and style to the team at Skin Dimensions

    Email Andy Richens: andy@skindimensions.com