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Body Piercing


We have some age restrictions for some body piercings
We have a female piercer on staff
We also do infant ear piercing
Restrictions only apply to our clients under the age of 18. Minor children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian with appropriate identification, Manitoba Medical Card and valid Driver’s License.
Tongue- 16 years and older
Navel, facial, ears- 14 years and up.
Ear lobes- Any age
All of our piercings are done with a single use needle, it is opened from a sterile package and disposed of in front of you after its use.

We only use the finest in body jewelry for your initial piercings.
All piercings are done with an implant grade surgical steel jewelry.
Free removal of jewelry for surgery and pregnancy. We can also custom make pregnancy navel jewelry that will move with your growing tummy.

We also offer nose jewelry fitting
(making shorter free of charge) After 2 Week Heal
We specialize in piercing infant ears. Please call ahead or email and book your appointment so your child gets the attention they deserve.
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Nose Piercings
Naval Piercings
Facial Piercings